Creful Company Limited.

Welcom to Creful Company Limited.

CRE-FUL is currently working to fulfil the needs of the customers. Each of the interior decorated projects is worked under the operation of skilled technicians. We have factories equipped with modern machineries and tools for production which would turn out quality products that meet the international standard. Furthermore, we are striving to enter the ISO 9002 quality standard.
One of the major strengths of our company is that we pay attention to every details of production, enjoy good relationships with Supplier-Distributor Networks which enable us to obtain quality materials promptly. We cut down unnecessary installation procedures by using expert technicians whose handiworks are the hallmark of excellence. On top of that, we also provide after-sales service to convince the customer’s confidence.
Based on our successful record of services, CRE-FUL has won recognition from the customers who appreciate the quality workmanship, delivery schedule, and after-sales-services. Above all, our prices are reasonable.
Therefore, when you hand out any interior decorated project to us, you can be certain of theresults handled by professionals who guarantee to meet your requirements fully on time.

We care about the earth

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