About US

About US

As a general contractor, Cre-Ful main responsibility is to make sure that our clients’ construction projects predominantly interiors are done right by providing budget estimation, materials, equipment, labors, transportations, and other services including subcontractors and any third-party involved; moreover, all is done within the promised timeline. Over 25 years of experience, Cre-Ful and our teams of various experts have delivered both local and global clients their dream interior spaces that perfectly suit their specifications, functions, and budgets as what we matter the most is what clients really want. We pay attention to every single detail as we perceive all of our work not only as a concrete place but a foundation for different culture and business to commence and grow; we believe that every business begins with the best space. Apart from being a general contractor, Cre-Ful stands strong as a medium between different parties including client; we always reinforce all the working teams and crews that our main goal is the same which is to install and deliver the best quality interior to our clients. Here at Cre-Ful, we see themselves as an “institution of learning” as we continue to learn and grow with ever-changing construction methods and technologies together with latest materials to ensure our clients the best space solution for their visionary interiors at the most reasonable price.

Why CreFul General Contractor?


Progressive – Since our establishment, Cre-Ful has been constantly growing and expanding as we keep up to date with the growing construction methods, interior designs and architecture, interior materials, and project management methods; we always do our best to keep ourselves as Thailand’s leading general contractor.

Ingenuity – As a general contractor, we always make sure that everyone in Cre-Ful is an expert at what he/she is doing; from craftsmen who knows their working materials and machinery to project managers who know the construction site and its licensing; Cre-Ful provides clients experts who can make their visionary interiors and spaces reality.

Alliance – Apart from internal expertise, Cre-Ful also maintains a good relationship with our third-party alliances and subcontractors from interior designers to landlords; these alliances both local and global make Cre-Ful and any of our construction projects flows smoothly regardless to any space and design specification.

Community – Cre-Ful is not only a general contractor but also a community of construction and interior experts that are willing to help clients through all the tasks with open-mindedness, providing them interior and space solutions with great services before, during, and even after the construction. Working with us feel like working with family, friends who share the same goal of having the perfect interiors that will make your blank space become an ideal place for your business.
Creful interior Success Story From Family Carpentry to Renewed General Contractor
Cre-Ful started as a small family-run company that did mainly kitchen interior and small carpentry work. We quickly got more opprtunities to construct larger scale interior work apart from kitchen.
Becoming General Contractor
Cre-Ful became a full function general constractor for interior project. We managed project as we do now; day-to-day site inspection and project management together with being a consolidator between parties and suppliers involved throughout each interior project including ID & MEP.
100 Project Completed
In as little as 6 years, Cre-Ful reached the milestone of completing 100 interior construction projects. 2004 was also the year that we relocated and expanded our factory as well as growing our human resources. At this time, we mostly had office space projects.
Trusted by Thai Companies. Approached by foreign big names
In a decade, Cre-Ful had been working with countkess Thai big-name companies with various scopes of interior design work from office, retail, resiential to school, hospitality, and health and wellness. Our experience also began to attracted famous foreign companies who grew their business in Thailand.
LEED Program & International Recognition
Cre-Ful had always been ever growing to meet our clients’ and industry increasing demands especially foreign clients whether they were businesses, designers, and suppliers; Cre-Ful wass well-received and well-know to international market. This year, we also applied LEED program to our projects as sustainability and decreasing environmental impact was crucial in all our projects.
Construction Technology Meets Creful Interior Experts
We invested more in importing lastest machinery and construction tools and equipment in order to produce and build more expansive piece and also construct larger scale, more fancy, more difficult interior design projects.
Reaching the International Standard
Another expansion that summed up to 4,000+ sqm2 of factory and warehouse. Cre-Ful also expanded our team and tools to do various styles of interior design at different scales. We, now, also have internal training for our employees to elevate our work standard; our goal is making our work as a general contractor for interior scope reaching international standard.
Cre-Ful not only sees ourselves solely as a general contractor but we also see ourselves as a school; therefore, we aim to open more carpentry workshops and training sessions for general people and businesses as giving back to community is something rooted deep in Cre-Ful culture.
Our Management Team
Available to answer questions, addressing concerns in a timely manner, and going above and beyound to meet clinet expections.
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