Glass work is not only about fenestration or window, this delicate material can be molded into partition or other features that enhance your interior space

Not only we know how to handle this transparent material but we also know different materials that can functionally and beautifully support this fragile material.

Rarely see any interior without this transparent, fragile yet flexible material, glass work can be seen utilized into numbers of interior decorations from typical window and fenestration to balcony railing and space partition. Handling glass is hard but not with Cre-Ful as we have successfully transported and installed myriads glass work on hundreds of interiors. The key to achieve the perfect glass work is not only how well do you know the property of this delicate material and/or how to cut and mend glass sheet but also knowing which material to strongly yet beautifully support this glass sheet. Cre-Ful understands both of these principles as well as how to perfectly polish this transparent surface to your specification; consequently, we always find solutions that result in the perfect glass installation and fenestration for your interior regardless of its function and/or your space limitation.