Cre-Ful builds and installs ceilings that best suit your interior space identity and functionality.

Exposed, conventional, or suspended ceiling, any form, shape, or technique that covers your interior can be possibly done by us.

3 Most Common Ceiling Types
Conventional Ceiling – the most common ceiling type and can be seen at almost everywhere, conventional ceiling is a flat surface ceiling that is the easiest to construct as well. As it is very plain, paint or finishing technique may be utilized to give conventional ceiling more characteristic and identity.

Exposed Ceiling – Widely popular in contemporary interior, exposed ceiling, as the name suggests, has all of the building’s mechanic parts and components exposed, giving a raw and industrial vibe to the interior. Exposed ceiling is also economical and easy for maintenance.
Suspended Ceiling – also known as false or dropped ceiling, is the secondary ceiling dropped or suspended from the structural floor surface above as it hides all structural systems, pipes, and wires. Commonly acquired suspended grid and ceiling tiles, suspended ceiling is commercially popular as it can be constructed with different materials according to space decorative style and function.

Cre-Ful General Contractor covers every inch of your interior work including area above your space; ceiling has various types and styles that can differently furnish your space with unique character. From plain falt surface ceiling work to now popular industrial looking exposed ceiling, Cre-Ful builds and installs all ceilings with different types and materials according to your specification and interior reference.