Cre-Ful Frequently Asked Questions
What Cre-Ful General Contractor does?
We are interior contractor specialized in interior design construction project as well as ME&P. We are also consultation for clients who need further development and budget estimation in their interior blueprint and plan. Additionally, we also build a personalized built-in furniture and interior decorations.
What does “Cre-Ful” stand for?
CREative SuccesFUL, we are creative with our work and problem solving. With our creativity together with expertise, we ensure that every project in our hands results in successful interior space.
Does Cre-Ful handle small interior job?
We have different teams to go along with variety of projects and that we sometimes, accept to do small-scale interior work as well. Feel free to consult us about your interior design, plan, and blueprint. You are always welcomed here
How long have we been in the construction business?
Since 1988, Cre-Ful began the journey as a small interior contractor company that did only kitchen interior project. With our trusted reputation and opportunity from big name companies, we since have been expanding and now, we are usually selected to do large-scale project from office space to retail.
Who handle all the work in each project?
Each project has its own project manager and, depending on project scale, type and requirement, Cre-Ful then provides the most appropriate team of experts that best fit each specific interior project and client’s need.
How long does Cre-Ful normally take to finish a single interior job?
Depending on project scale, site difficulty, and/or specific building’s work hour and regulations together with materials. Normally each project takes up around 3 months to complete if all the materials can be sourced domestically.
Anything Cre-Ful does apart from constructing interior design?
We also does ME&P (mechanical, electrical, and plumping and drainage) system including HVAC (heat, ventilation and air condition) system.
Which type of interior work does Cre-Ful stand out from other interior contractors?
We do every interior work without any limitation as we are experienced shaping different types of interior designs from residential to retail, office to gym at varying scales from petite to expansive; our teams of experts can do any specific job relating to different techniques needed in different interior designs. Don't be hesitate to consult with us, any of your design can be possibly constructed.
Does Cre-Ful acquire overseas project?
As of now, we still do not accept any overseas project but we have been working with countless foreign companies that open their businesses in Thailand. We have personnel who are fluent in English and can communicate smoothly with foreigners, preventing issues that may come from langauge barrier. Additionally, Cre-Ful usually have foreign partners and manufactures and is capable of importing materials from overseas
Does Cre-Ful own a factory?
Yes, we have our own factory and warehouse together with tools and equipment, expansive enough to construct a 1:1 mock up for your certain design. We are also open for visitors as well as our facility is not far from Bangkok downtown and Suvarnabhumi Airport.