Foundation of all interior, Cre-Ful floors your space to its specification and functions.

Wet, dry, or waterproof, laminate or tiles; define your space with our precise flooring experience.

Floor Self-levelling - Apart from flooring materials and floor covering, floor self-levelling is structurally principle in building any floor in any space. Done to levelling out subfloor, floor self-levelling is mostly done with special concrete which can be both left bare to enhance the industrial feel of your interior design or covered with different floor covering according to your design preference.
Floor that Functions – Flooring can include unique and specific function such as floor that is waterproof or water-resistant flooring required for certain area like bathroom; Cre-ful can install this floor to your specification and carefully chooses floor materials, covering, and coating to create specially functioning floors that are safe for inhabitants of all ages.
Raised Floor – Another common flooring that is widely popular in modern office interior design, raised floor, consisted of metal framework and floor panels, rises over building’s structural floor which lays mechanical, electrical services. Easy for maintenance and can be installed to allow cool air flowing into your interior space; raised floor can be installed by Cre-Ful with different void height and panel material according to your space and interior design preference.

The most important foundation of your business (interior) space is, indeed, the ground where you will be standing. Flooring is crucial to any space and different flooring styles and materials create different interior space functions and environments. By knowing different building’s structural foundation, Cre-Ful can precisely build and install floor at its optimal thickness that perfectly evens out your space safely; floor of any material, specification, and finish from common laminate and tiles flooring to seamless polymer and resilient floor, all can be possibly done by Cre-Ful general contractor.