Any interior design will not be inhabitable without proper mechanical, electrical and plumbing (ME&P) work.

Make sure that your interior design function properly inside-out.

In every neat interior you ever see lies a network of functioning systems put together to make each indoor space function properly; this is ME&P system, mechanical, electrical, and plumping work which Cre-Ful also specializes and makes it most suitable for your space. Besides, mechanical, electrical, and plumping, this behind-the-scene networks also include HVAC (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning) system as well as fire alarm and sprinkler, ME&P is crucial to every interior together with its inhabitants, providing them the most ideal living and working environment along with seamless inhabitants and space operation. Cre-Ful, as a general contractor, never overlook this system as our experts always find the best space solution to both go along with form and function. Sometimes ME&P blueprint is designed oversea and that it requires some alterations to go along with the actual construction sites or buildings as well as Thai construction laws and regulations; this is where Cre-Ful excels and we make sure that every consultation with us always results in one-of-a-kind interior designs that sill functions at its best. Beautiful space that does not function is nothing and showing all the networks of wires and pipes are not always pretty in certain interior design. So what if your interior dream is to expose the raw beauty of these integrated conduit pipes and wires, airducts, sprinklers and water lines? No problem! Cre-Ful can help you bring out the beauty of ME&P in now hugely-popular industrial interior designs; we can build exposed ceiling and walls showing all these complicated systems yet still make them look and feel organized as, trust us, this kind of interior looks best when ME&P looks neat, tidy, (or purposefully messy).