4,000+ square meter of construction technology and skillful craftsmen

Any built-in furniture and customized pieces can be possible here

Located right in the middle of Bangkok’s downtown and Suvarnabhumi Airport, Cre-Ful has been expanding our facility including our office and factory with consistent rate along with the growing demand in construction and interior industry. Today, more than 4,000 square meter of our factory has a space to build any customized pieces and also expansive enough to even build and assemble a 1:1 scale mock-up of your interior or specific piece to guarantee that your specification can be possibly done on site. Cre-Ful also regularly visit both local and foreign machinery manufacturers to learn and obtain the latest construction technology and tools that provide more precision and convenience to any custom built pieces and projects, giving faster construction and installation together with the better space and material solutions for any interior projects at the best quality. Additionally, we have storage space to stock raw materials that can be transported to support on-site construction as our location is the most optimal for general contractor in Bangkok.
Apart from construction technology, CreFul invests in people.

Every construction needs are right technology, right materials, and right people to do the jobs; the latest is what Cre-Ful pays attention to and invests in. As we perceive ourselves as community of experts rather than a general contractor office; people in Cre-Ful, selected and trained to their best, are experts in present day-to-day routine whether it is project management, on-site solution, or crafting customized furniture. We also have regular daily morning brief for everyone from directors to employees to make sure that we all have the same understanding for each of the different ongoing construction projects and to keep the high standard of work and services to clients.

We habitually have training for our crews which covers the update and use of new working materials, the preparation for difficult sites to any software programs that can be utilized in different projects; our training sessions cover both concrete on ground work enhancement and digital transformation of general contractor business.

On top of that, as we began our business as a woodwork specialist, Cre-Ful together with carpentry schools also offers woodwork and carpentry workshop for those who are interested as we want to preserve and escalate this specific skill together with local craftsmen. For more information about carpentry workshop please contact via center@creful.co.th.