Paint, wallpaper, polished to decorative surface; finishing touch is crucial last step to impeccable interior space.

Cre-ful provide endless options of materials and techniques to conclude your visionary interior design construction

From floor to ceiling and wall in between; finishing touch is the last step to, indeed, complete your interior design. It is the process of inspect and clear previous works as well as giving your interior designs its last decorative covering façade after all the structural components are put in place. Interior finishes are mostly fixed elements that are not structural elements; they are commonly done for decorative purpose, yet they can also have certain function to your interior design as well, for example, anti-climb paint which is widely used in.

Interior Finishes/Finishing is what you really perceive in interior designs; Interior finishing can be done in multiple ways and Cre-Ful always have different experts that can complete your interior design from seamless wall painting to handmade raw concrete texture. It is, indeed, important for us (and you) that these different finishing touches are done with different experts who have specific skills and know deeply in their field of works because Cre-Ful, from the beginning to end, never overlooks any process in your interior design construction. We always believe that the best interior design must be similar to your initial draft and vision and function properly in its most beautiful with the best quality of materials used and that interior finishing touches are that last step to put an icing on your interior cake, making it ready for the grand commencement.