The most important thing the client desires for this project is tranquility and an office decoration that is appropriate and prioritizes attention to detail. Creating a quiet environment is crucial to establish a private and modern workspace that is friendly to the employees within the office. Using materials that contribute to sound reduction, such as wooden floors or wooden partitions with sound-absorbing properties, will be beneficial in minimizing external and internal disturbances in the office.

Decorating the executive meeting rooms and small office spaces according to the client's requirements holds significant importance to ensure they are up-to-date and create a suitable atmosphere for meetings and work. Employing skilled craftsmen to handle the wooden partitions adds a touch of sophistication and privacy to the decoration. Proper management and planning to meet the client's needs are essential for delivering high-quality services and achieving the best possible outcome. Effective communication and understanding the client's vision are also crucial factors to ensure the work aligns with their expectations and leaves them satisfied with our services, which they have entrusted to us.