The largest project in 2022 that you mentioned is a highly complex and challenging task as it involves working with a vendor responsible for both structural and decorative aspects of the building. The project requires meticulous planning and execution to align with the specified timeline. To ensure the project's completeness and success, you chose to divide the team into three groups, each taking full responsibility for their tasks and ensuring alignment with the overall plan.

This team division facilitates efficient project management and control, emphasizing the importance of communication and coordination with the vendor. Collaborating effectively will help the project meet its deadlines and quality expectations. Another major challenge is working during the COVID-19 pandemic, where time constraints and managing workforce adherence to planned schedules become critical. Managing time effectively during the pandemic is of utmost importance, requiring unique techniques and approaches to resource management and work processes.

Planning and improving workflows to suit the changing circumstances are crucial in achieving success in your project. Overall, this project represents the greatest challenge in terms of its complexity in managing resources and working collaboratively with a vendor. Additionally, it requires addressing the issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Successfully completing a project like this will provide valuable experience and expertise to your team while offering an opportunity to enhance project management skills in increasingly complex situations in the future.