The design and construction of Zipmex's space in Athenee Tower should cater to the needs of the new generation, including meeting requirements for meeting rooms, a Townhall area, and collaborative workspaces with Orbit. The project faces challenges due to the curved shape of the meeting rooms, which require careful planning to ensure safety and optimal use of the space. Additionally, the use of materials like Meserenic can be considered to enhance the overall design. The planning process should ensure a well-organized and functional space, considering the positioning of meeting rooms and the Townhall area for easy access and usability. Emphasis should be placed on creating an attractive and harmonious environment with appropriate colors and materials. Meserenic can be explored as an interesting option, providing convenience and ease of maintenance. Safety is paramount, especially in the curved meeting rooms, where the arrangement of furniture needs to be carefully checked to prevent any potential hazards. Efficient space utilization is crucial, and the layout of desks and chairs should allow for comfortable movement. Durable and resilient materials should be selected to ensure the longevity of the project. A team of experts in design and architecture should be involved in the process to deliver a successful outcome that meets the needs and aspirations of the Athenee Tower project.