Once again, we had the opportunity to work in the chain project from Australia known as Jett Fitness, a well-recognized fitness center with its iconic red and black colors and distinctive text. This time, it was for the opening of a new branch in the heart of the city, near Siam Square, occupying a half-floor space. Our team was thrilled to be part of this project, especially considering that we have previously completed more than 10 branches for Jett Fitness. Our team is well-versed in handling the challenges of working in limited spaces and knows how to optimize the area efficiently. We successfully accommodated all the exercise equipment, from machines placed on the floor to dumbbells weighing more than 10 kilograms.

Selecting suitable materials for this fitness center was crucial, as it differs significantly from typical office projects. With our experience working on various branches, we executed the project seamlessly and delivered within the specified time frame promptly. Once again, we appreciate the opportunity to contribute to this project and we assure you that we are committed to delivering professional and timely services to meet all your requirements.