For this project, it is a 100% built-in work. Therefore, we have planned to divide the process into 2 parts. The first part is the installation and preparation of the space for placing furniture and built-in elements. All types of built-in, including decorative built-in shelves, document cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and others, will be fabricated at our factory using all available machinery. We will start by developing the designs based on the input from the customers to ensure quality control. The machinery will be utilized to cut and shape the pieces, ensuring that the final products meet the standards of creativity and integrity.


By completing the work in our factory, we are confident that the installations we provide to our customers will meet the high standards of creativity and integrity. Additionally, our process allows for quick and efficient completion of the project. Our team has planned and coordinated each step carefully, making the preparation of the installation space and the on-site installation process fast and of the highest quality.