Creful Interior has continued to secure projects for Miracle Grand Convention Hotel, this time focusing on the renovation of the entire dining room. This endeavor involves collaborating with designers to execute a design & build approach. The project aims to modernize the hotel's spaces, including revamping the buffet line area and reimagining the lobby space to create a fresh ambiance.

The construction aspect of this project emphasizes the use of pre-fabrication techniques. This ensures that elements such as kitchen counters, seating areas, beverage setups, and walkway structures align precisely with the planned designs. Incorporating technology has significantly enhanced the quality of work and made the process more efficient and convenient.

The Creful Interior team has demonstrated exceptional abilities to meet project requirements, working seamlessly with designers to incorporate contemporary trends into the hotel's atmosphere. With confidence, Creful Interior anticipates that this dining room        project will stand out and be truly captivating within Miracle Grand Convention Hotel !