The Creful Interior team specializes in office interior decoration and has experience working with Media Service companies that have diverse and innovative works in the Thai media industry. They will handle the entire process, starting from developing the concept provided by the designer to refining and adjusting the concept to suit the needs and identity of the Media Service company located in the Plan B Tower. The interior decoration of the 17-floor building will be done using loose furniture and suitable materials to create a harmonious atmosphere that aligns with the client's concept and brand. The team will utilize their creativity and expertise in selecting materials and designing the interior to meet the client's requirements.

The interior decoration will prioritize comfort and a natural feel to stimulate creativity and provide a great working experience. The Creful Interior team is committed to delivering high-quality work that meets the client's needs, using modern materials and decoration techniques. They will incorporate contemporary-designed furniture that reflects new trends in office interior decoration. Environmentally-friendly materials will be used within the building, such as recycled materials and efficient materials for improving air quality and convenience in the workspace.

Unique and creative decoration techniques will be employed to make the interior design of the building distinctive and special. The team takes responsibility for monitoring and controlling the entire workflow to ensure that the project aligns with the client's requirements and success. Additionally, they provide consultation and guidance to clients regarding new trends and suitable decoration methods to create a modern and central workspace in the Thai media industry