The work involved in both floors of the Office includes graphic design and decoration, including all films and spaces within the project. It is a complex task that requires expertise in graphic design and decoration, often involving technical skills and creative thinking. Combining the two floors adds to the challenge of coordinating and requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure the work aligns with the desired outcomes. The time-consuming aspect of the job can be related to managing certain materials used in the project. Communication is essential to ensure mutual understanding of the finished work and how it should be executed. Utilizing all films from the company must align with the required standards to meet the project's specifications.

The installation and coordination of cut films, reflective materials, or any other aspects require stringent quality control at every stage. Creating beautiful patterns and ensuring they match the desired design necessitates careful attention and expertise in executing the tasks. In summary, the work involving both floors of the Office entails graphic design and decoration, demanding expertise in their execution. Coordinating the two floors increases the challenges, requiring attentive management and careful creation to meet the desired specifications. Managing certain materials and adhering to the company's film standards involve time and communication to ensure a successful outcome. Installing and coordinating cut films or reflective materials also demands rigorous quality control and a skilled approach to achieve the desired patterns and design.