Construction the Auditorium space in UOB Plaza requires a focus on safety and appropriate sound control for various activities and events. Here are the key considerations:

Sound Control:

  • Use suitable sound-absorbing materials and insulation to minimize unwanted noise within the Auditorium, reducing disturbances during ongoing activities.
  • Optimize the layout and design to reduce sound reflections and dispersal within the Auditorium.
  • Install sound systems and microphones with proper calibration and control capabilities to manage sound levels effectively.

Raise Floor System:

  • Consider implementing a Raise Floor system in the Auditorium to elevate the stage or designated areas, allowing sound to disperse more efficiently.
  • The Raise Floor system can also facilitate easy hiding of cables and other equipment, ensuring safety and convenience.

Foldable and Manageable Chairs:

  • Choose foldable chairs that can be easily stacked or stored when the Auditorium is not in use.
  • Provide comfortable seating for visitors, including tourists or those waiting in the Auditorium area.

Acoustic Panels:

  • Use aesthetically pleasing Acoustic Panels or sound-absorbing boards that blend well with the Auditorium's interior design to control sound dispersion.
  • Ensure that the acoustic settings and installations align with customers' preferences and suit various activities to be held in the Auditorium.

Construction the Auditorium in UOB Plaza with a strong emphasis on safety, sound control, and functional use will create a beautiful and comfortable space that meets the customers' needs appropriately.