Custom furniture that both function and display your business’s vision and success

Cre-Ful believes that every interior and its space tells a specific story; part of that meaningful space is custom and personalized built in furniture and unique decoration pieces; with this principle along with our background as a woodwork factory, we have now established ourselves not only as an interior contractor but also a secretly custom furniture maker that both creates and installs tailor-made furniture or any decorative pieces for your interior.

Professional carpenter and craftsmen – Our craftsmen are masters at what they are doing from specialized experienced carpenter to machine technicians. Cre-Ful carefully selects and puts the right man to do the right job for the best quality furniture or certain decorative piece for your interior.

Personalized finishing – Even most built-in furniture and customized furnishings are mainly made from wood (or reinforced with steel), Cre-Ful is always open to what clients truly want; from materials holding or supporting certain pieces to variety of surface finishing that may function differently, for example waterproofing surface. It all depends on your imagination, specification, and need.

TIdeal facility – With our 4,000 square meter facility packed with modern construction machines and tools, Cre-Ful is always prepared for crafting custom pieces and furniture regardless of the size as our facility can support building a mock-up model of your piece or even a particular room space at the scale of 1:1 to guarantee that your visionary furnishings can be possibly done on-site.

A Modern machines and tools – With our constant visit to machine makers both local and overseas, Cre-Ful regularly acquires up-to-date machinery in order to create and process your piece at a more convenient and faster rate together with higher precision and accuracy.

AProper working process – Additionally, our experienced project management skill gives an optimal and practical working plan and timeline, making sure that your custom furniture and/or decorations are going to be done on time at their best quality.