More than a boundary; define, paint, or zone your interior space with CreFul’s wall work.

Partition Wall, Fire-proof Wall, Moisture-resistant Wall, Soundproofing Wall, you name it because we construct any wall of your need.

Space becomes truly yours when the boundary is set and that is the main property of wall. As it defines your interior space or even divides spaces within your interior, walls support structural weight above and also create an overall atmosphere of how you want your inhabitants to feel in your interior space; that’s why walls are always made uniquely with myriad materials and finishes to go along with your overall interior design aim and Cre-Ful has done almost any wall installation and deign possible to agree with clients’ specifications and building’s regulations. 


Know Your Walls – In addition to decorative purpose and being an interior/exterior boundary, walls can be built with special material to give it a certain function to your 
interior space.

Partition wall, built to divide your interior space into rooms, is often installed with light materials as it does not support the overall weight like brick and concrete-reinforced structural wall

Soundproof wall creates a tranquil, peaceful space, ideal for nursery, bedroom or meeting room. 

Heat-resistant or fireproof wall is built for a space to withstand extreme temperature or to last even facing the worst disaster.

Waterproof or damp proofing or moisture-resistant wall is installed in the area where is usually wet and moisture should not pass through as it can cause structural corrosion.